Thursday, 19 December 2013

Save Your Business From Possible Collapse: 6 Best Ways To Finance A New Business Venture Now Revealed!

Starting a successful business can be a tough task filled with many hurdles and obstacles and there is no part of the journey more challenging than finding the correct and best ways to finance a new business venture. Below is an outline of some traditional and creative financing choices available if you’restarting your own business.

1. Investments and Savings

Your first source of funding among the best ways to finance a new business venture should be your own savings and investments. The bad thing is that it if happens to fail, it will be your money that goes down with the ship. If you’re not prepared to risk your own capital, you surely shouldn’t be ready to risk someone else’s.

2. Family and Friends

After tapping your own investments and saving, you may turn to your family and friends for help. Nothing causes tension with friends and family like lending money that is never repaid. When your loved ones invest in your business they are emotionally investing in you.

3. Credit Cards

My first business was financed on credit cards so if you choose to finance your business on credit cards, have it in mind that using this best way to finance a new business venture, you will be paying back at a very high interest rate.

4. Mortgage The Farm

5. Bank loans are almost impossible to secure if you do not have collateral and a good track record of business venture, which is why you may have to use the equity in your home to finance your business if you have been turned down for a bank loan before. Whether your business thrives or not you must pay this money back.

6. Angel Investors

Angel investors are another means of funding startups among the best ways to finance a new business venture. Typically, angel investors are rich individuals who invest in startup ventures for a share of the ownership. If you agree to take angel money make sure the terms and conditions are plainly stated on both sides. Angel money has been known to always have strings attached to it.

7. Venture Capitalists

Venture Capitalists money does not only have strings attached to it but it comes with chains and locks and lots of legal documents too. Venture Capitalists always have the dominance in any business they invest in; that’s the price you pay to have access to Venture Capitalists money.

No matter the what you choose as your best ways to finance a new business venture and how you get the finance for your business, be sure to use it prudently. Have a very clear blueprint on how the money will be utilized and how you will pay back.

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