Tuesday, 20 November 2012

How to Start A Successful Freelance Writing Career

The internet insurgency has changed freelancing into a flourishing business. Though you have the chances of  doing different freelancing working opportunities available today; for me the most potential one is doing freelance writing. See what a successful freelance writer has to say!
'The only thing I’m unhappy with was the fact that I did not do it earlier. Freelance writing is the ideal career to flee from the credit crunch that is affecting everybody today. I love Freelance writing; it is hard to believe that I survived earlier than this wonderful discovery’.
Now we have known than freelance writing is a very promising career, we can now consider how to develop, grow and mature in freelancing writing for maximum gain. In this article, we will talk about few secrets that would make us  successful.
Since improved technology has made the internet the main avenue for sharing and sourcing for information, an increasing number of new businesses are being introduced online day after day. These in turn has become a good income opportunities for content writers (http://www.flickfilosopher.com/blog/2013/04/how_to_succeed_as_a_writer.html) as all websites built both new and old must need some sort of contents. These websites don’t just need contents; they need them on a constant basis as a good marketing strategy for their business. To save cost and give these companies more time to concentrate on their core business, they hire out to freelancers  the content writing (http://www.flickfilosopher.com/blog/2013/04/how_to_succeed_as_a_writer.html) job  thus helping freelancers make money even from the comfort of their own homes.
Different  type of  freelance writing are inventive writing, electronic book writing, trades and promotion writing, news writing and editorial column writing, publication writing, SEO writing, internet blog writing etc.
What it takes to make a successful freelance writer:
Even though there are many opportunities out there for writers, how successful they become depends largely on their skills, expertise and their proper following of procedures for success. Now, let us talk about the right procedure  that will get a freelance writer at the top of the ladder soonest.
For a start  writers should assess their skills and area of concern. It is essential to assess their skills before delving into the market for customers. Freelancing offers flexible working opportunities so they ought to select the jobs that go well with their interest, learning, skills and environment.
Next, they should conduct extensive research online for freelance jobs and sign up with assorted high-quality freelance writing sites on the web. They can also get themselves introduced to prospective customers. A well prepared ‘Bio sheet’ is very good way to advertise yourself to prospective customers. Bio sheet is akin to a resume and briefly explains the educational background of a writer, his skills, experiences and interests.
Avoid sticking to single-clients since freelancing works are not contractual but are job oriented, it is highly essential to work for as many number of clients as possible. Also refraining from offering your services to close –clients competitors will be a very good and commendable idea.
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To ensure that you maintain the credibility you already have, work on improving on your skills and endeavor to take criticisms positively from your clients to enable you get better improved .You need to be persistent /persevering and don’t get discouraged quickly like those who consider freelance writing as a secondary way to make money. Maintaining constant contact with your old clients is also very helpful. To be successful, one should be passionate about the career and work hard to strike the mark.

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