Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Secrets To Breaking Into Freelance Writing Career Revealed

Three things are essential if you are going to break into a freelance career and make reasonable amount of money: preparation, perseverance and dedication. When it comes to the field of freelance writing, you must also be endowed with writing skills and have a good urge to write. The more keen and able you are to write, the greater your chances of succeeding, excelling and making sizable income.
For those who are novice and new to freelance writing ,it is essential that they do some training courses or attend some workshops that are aimed at giving them directions on how to start and what is required of them to write very good articles that are marketable. They can do these courses either online or offline. They are also advised to buy a couple of books that teaches everything they need to know about article writing and how to market them. The importance of getting their nation’s version of writers market cannot be over emphasized. They should read it and note down while they read what is applicable to them, their niche or field of interest and their target audience.
The next thing they should do is to build up article ideas of about five, give a few sub headings to the ideas they have got and finally complete the article with words ranging from 500 -800 words. Before they know it, they have already come up with a good and well refined article.
They must endeavor to form the habit of proof reading their work for basic spelling and grammatical error plus make sure their style of writing is coherent and will make reading and understanding their articles easy. If they are in doubt that their article would meet the criteria, they should enroll in some online writing groups that would offer them the opportunity of getting constructive criticism on their work. They should take the criticisms in good faith and work hard to improve on their work in the area/s mentioned. They are also advised to give others their opinion back as compensation for the help they received from them.
Next, they should begin to submit their articles to directories and websites that are content oriented to market their work. These sites would not pay them for the submitted articles but those articles they have submitted would be essential when they move onto freelancing market proper. This is so because the articles submitted usually have their store box attached and could reach a wide range of web surfers. In that way they gain cheap popularity and that could boost their CV as writers. People who have viewed their works from those sites would have confidence in their ability to deliver when given paid job or work and that is how they will excel.
Writing a good number of different articles in the area they are good at  has advantage of making them specialists in that particular category of article writing plus show that they have constant capability to write on that particular topic.
They should also advertise their work by telling people physically when they meet, by initiating themselves to writing groups, by providing their complimentary cards at the end of every email and by telling people as many times as possible whenever they can that they are freelance writers.
Investigating other aspects of freelancing is another secret to succeeding and making money. They should for example engage in e-book writing, fiction writing, non-fiction writing, ghost writing, publications, writing newsletters, writing tutorials etc instead of depending only on article writing.

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