Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Have You Considered Writing Greeting Cards To Make Extra Money?

Greeting card writing is a very lucrative freelance writing opportunity; try this to increase your earnings and income. You have here handy guidelines to making your career as a greeting card writer a successful and economically buoyant one.

Writing greeting cards can make you extra income. It can be an incredibly money-spinning freelance writing market. You can make it with good preparation plus research and earn considerably working from the comfort of your home.

Greeting card markets are full of organizations and corporations that are constantly in search of freelance writers to write funny stories and stanzas for the business that is increasingly expanding. Think about it, only in US, about seven billions of greeting cards are written every year. When you consider the global demand for greeting cards, it will give you a good idea of how efficient it could be in making money. The only problem is that these industries standards of writing are very high and as such your submissions to them must be excellent , glaring and also be able to meet the companies’ writing guidelines.

If you are capable of writing in a manner that captures people’s attentions, emotions and yearnings or you are able to write pieces that makes people laugh and smile, it is time to make money to the bank through your writing skills. All you need to make it happen is computer and commitment to make it happen. The following steps will guide you into succeeding in the greeting card writing market.

Make inquiries about diverse Publishers

A lot of companies nowadays make use of freelance writers. Each company follows different way to make their card. Most popular greeting card companies stand out as a result of different styles of writing and also require their writers to fulfill some conditions. Give time to studying cards produced by these companies to grab in more details the way of writing of these card industries, the tone of their writing etc. Only go for those that you feel attracted to and have reasons to believe that you can do well in them.

The biggest buyers of greeting cards are women aged between eighteen and fifty. This means many card publishers target this market with cards that express sentiments such as love, friendship, success, relationships and inspiration. However the alternative and issue-driven greeting card market is growing and this may provide a good niche for a new writer. Humor is also a popular ingredient for greeting cards. Short, witty, easy to understand messages are in demand. Companies will be very clear in their submission guidelines about the type of humor they want.

Get hold of complete submission guidelines

Every company that publishes card has guidelines that must be followed when writing greeting cards. To get these guidelines, write each of the publishers though their email addresses which you can obtain from their websites. Read the guidelines for a total comprehension of their guidelines and style of writing. Really make an extensive search of these publishers and use as many of them as possible to have a greater possibility of getting your work published. It is advisable to start with a smaller and highly regarded companies and eventually proceeding to bigger ones as you become better established and mature in the industry. When you are done, try and keep note of what you have submitted to particular publisher and build your folder in that way.

 Joining Support groups and forums for Help

You can get a lot of help from support groups and forums. So try and join these forums and groups, the help you will get from fellow freelance greeting Card writers is enormous and beyond measure. Forums are very essential and would provide you with a lot of helpful friends and followers.

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