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How To Write A How-To-Article That Converts And Sales: Why Your Articles Do Not Generate Enough Traffic And Tips To Write A Great How To Article

A how-to-article you wrote can save people from dangers. It can also save people from losing something dear to them. Human beings have the tendency to flee from anything that is going to  disturb or harass them. Again, we hate losing what is precious and dear to us. We  all have the tendency to preserve and protect what we value and cherish like our business, health, child, friend, family, animal, pet etc.  Even when we are working hard to protect what we value, we are still concerned whether we have actually done enough or are doing enough.

If you could figure out anything that your niche visitors are likely to be afraid of losing; then you could make that a headline. The headline you choose for your how-to-article determines to a great extent  if your article is going to be clicked on or get passed by. So, working hard to construct a headline that relates to something  very crucial to your visitors and something they will be very scared to lose as well as something they will do everything to protect is the best way to go.

The answer is to make your how-to- article caption and headline precise and straight to the point. No beating about the bush. Try to Engender in him or her thoughts like "Wow, this writer is a psychologist! He knows exactly what my problem is and so on." I had this kind of experience myself. I came across an how-to-article; I was so stupefied about the content that I could not do anything for some minutes. I just sat down thinking, "how on earth did he know that I have this attribute; surely he must be a psychologist!" Have you seen what we mean? Your how-to-article could capture and captivate people just by mere reading of the headline. However, to be able to put this in practice effectively, you must know your audience very well. This is another place you need to work on.

Now, having mentioned this; let’s proceed!

How To Write A great How-to-Article

1. Choose a topic related to your niche

The first thing you need to do to make your how-to-article a great one is to choose a topic in your niche and construct an intriguing headline with it. Remember what we have said above; put it into consideration while selecting your topic. You can think of something that might be interesting to your readers like-How to make six figures monthly writing, How to Get a Better and higher paying article Job and Make More Money, How to safeguard your blog or site from internet hackers, How to Save Time and Get  more articles written, How to avoid losing your pagerank to your competitors, How to get exclusive and quality leads that convert to sales, How to write a writer’s resume that gets accepted every time, How to market your business successfully, How to rank high in search engines and appear on the 1st page of Google in a week etc.

2.  Introduce your article:

After you are done with the topic and the headline, you could go ahead with the introduction of the how-to-article. You could use a true story to relate the article topic or let your readers know how easy it is to achieve the purpose which your headline has presented.

3. Let Your readers Know What they Need To have To Get the task presented in Your headline accomplished

It is good to be clear and precise. Do not confuse your readers or give them any room to think that you have deceive them by not letting them know all they need to put in place to get the task accomplished. So be sure to include things like tools, resources and supplies for an example.

4. Ensure that your instructions are written in a clear, concise and easy to understand way

A stocked up and muddled up pieces of information and instructions may confuse your readers and you may not achieve your aim. So, endeavor to keep your instructions short, simple and straight to the point. In this way, your how-to-instruction will be useful to your reader

5. Make use of Illustrations to get your readers properly connected

Choose words carefully and try to elicit thoughts about what you are writing in your visitors.  Go back, read what you have written and check if you happen to be the reader that come across your how-to-writing,whether the writing will create a mental picture in you and make sense.

6. Conclusion

In the conclusive part of your how- to-article, you may wish your readers well and offer tips or advice to them. This is also the right place to invite your readers to your resource box, your site or blog and do not forget to close with a call to action.

Go ahead apply the above how-to-article  template in your next post and come back here to tell us what you think. You may also want to come back here for our subsequent posts if you find the article useful and please remember to leave your comments. Share with others what you have gained!

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