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How To Prepare For A Job Interview: Your Sure Bet And Guarantee For Interview Success

A job interview is one of the most intimidating ways of making a first and lasting impression, but, it’s also your chance to get on a company’s good book. Organizing is the focal part of any interview and you should spend more time organizing yourself for your interview. In preparing, you should endeavour to know some things about the firm as well as the job and be able to clarify how and why you're the best for the job.

A grave blunder most candidates shortlisted for interview commit is lack of preparation.  Some candidates very often take it for granted only to be disappointed that they were not well prepared to prove their capability. As a job seeker, you are responsible for the outcome of your interview. You cannot eat your cake and have it. You are bound to get what you bargained for. Even though you have the required paper qualification and experience necessary for the Job, you need to be fully prepared especially emotionally to be able to prove to the employer that you are equal to the task.

Adequate preparation will as well save you from the dangers inherent in stage tension and restlessness. You also need to bear in mind that the interview is akin to skill and expertise and just like every other skill, adequate preparation and previous practice is a sure guarantee for success. There is no fast led rule to prepare for an interview rather there is some basic things that are highly essential to guarantee interview success. Every interview is a learning process which will in turn enhance your knowledge and as well be beneficial to you in future interviews. Follow the guaranteed interview strategies below to ensure that you get your dream job.

1. Knowing the job and the firm

You'll be better off in your interview if you have good knowledge of the industry you are seeking to work in as well as some knowledge about the firm you are applying to work for together with the position you're submitting an application for. You can check search engines to see the firm's profile and background.  Begin by looking into the company’s prospects and objectives. When you go into the interview with this in mind, it will make you ready and competent to answer any question that may arise concerning the company. You should also be prepared to talk fully about the company and the position you are applying for when asked.

2. Pre-organization is the Key

As soon as you’ve been called upon to attend an interview, do not be afraid to confirm the interview time. Also inquire if there will be any test or written work. Get yourself organized and practice your responses to the prospective questions you would be asked.  Below are some samples of questions you should expect:

i). Question: How will you advance this firm?

This question should be replied with some concrete instances. Offer details to back the ability you say you have. Be sure you possess skills that will really be beneficial to the company.

ii) . Question: What’s your vision for the next 5 years?

This kind of question gives you an opportunity to honestly integrate your objectives and main concerns into the interview.

iii) . Question: Why did you choose this firm?

Companies don’t just want anyone with talents; they want to see if you’d fit into the firm.

iv). Question: Why do you believe you are the top candidate for this job?

Don’t be scared to blow your own trumpet here. Don’t say anything self-effacing. Show them why they won’t hire somebody else but you.

 v). Question: What is your major weakness?

By this question the interviewer isn’t trying to trick you here. Everybody has weaknesses. What they want to identify is if it will hamper your work and if you’re doing something about it. 

3. Dressing for the interview

For most interviews, I will say that you should dress the way you would for the job itself. But where the work is a casual one; appear in semi-business clothing to be on the safe side. Pick quiet colours and be sure your dress is free of crease. Don’t wear odorous after-shave, or smelly lotion. Interviewees in finance, business, and academic sectors should appear for an interview in proper corporate clothing except otherwise stated. For ladies: a dark suit with skirt or trousers, alongside closed toe shoes and slight makeup. For men: a dark-colored suit and matching tie with dark-coloured shoes.

Make sure you’re on time. Find out before hand the location of the interview and the distance. Take a trip through the direction of interview location ahead of the interview date, but be sure to do that at the same time of the day as you will do on the day of the interview to see how long it takes.

4. Items to take along to the Interview

Let a folder or envelope you go with comprise the following items:
·        A number of duplicated copies of your CV
·        Duplicates of your reference list
·        Sheets of Paper and biro to write down any info you might need afterwards
·        Duplicates of letters of reference
·        Your credentials (just in case)

5. What to do at your job interview

Be calm, don’t fidget and you will make a good and lasting impression. I have highlighted some tips to help you make certain that your interview proper takes off on the right foot.

·        Remember to greet your interviewer(s). Introduce yourself, and shake their hands confidently. Smile genuinely; it could aid in making you and your interviewer to be at ease. Remain standing until you're told to take a seat.

·        Allow the employer or interviewer (s) to take the lead and regulate the tone for discussion. Maintain eye contact with your interviewer, and respond to whatever you are asked in a steady and confident tone. Loosen up and sit down naturally, but do not droop in your seat or bend on your interviewer's table. Be willing to tell your interviewer everything about your schooling, training, skills, working experience, and the character traits that make you the best candidate for the job.

·        There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking your interviewer for more clarification if you don't grasp a question; it is much better to ask for an explanation of what is unclear to you than to respond incorrectly. Remember to be positive.

·        When the time comes for the interview and you are asked if you have any question, this is where all your ground work bears fruit. Prepare a few questions that demonstrate that you have a keen interest and that you are conversant about the firm. Moreover, you can ask for more comprehensive information about the position you're applying for.

6. Quick rundown for the interview

·        Be early. 5 to 10 minutes prior to the interview time should do
·        Dress applicably
·        Chewing of gum or smoke before your interview is bad and must be avoided
·        Be orderly in appearance
·        Don’t go to an interview with a friend who isn’t participating in the interview
·        Never talk about your personal problems during your interview
·        Avoid frolicking with your seat while awaiting your turn.
·        Make sure you say nothing you'll regret later. Think it through before you say it.
·        Commence organization for your interview long before the interview date
·        As you make your move towards the interview room, try and take two or three deep breaths to cool your tensions.
·        Make your points brief, and relate them to a conversation point that you or the interviewer make in the interview.
·        Don’t loiter about once you’re through with your interview.

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