Friday, 7 June 2013

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I am a proficient SEO content writer and a blogger with a history of well written articles on varieties of niches available for hire. I have written as an individual locally and as a member of a group who have many clients both locally and overseas; UK and USA inclusive. I can practically write on any topic and is able to write about 5-10 articles in a day. I have got enough time to commit to the writing work as it is currently the only work I do. I have a personal computer and an internet connection which is a big boost to ensuring that I always meet deadlines.

I research extensively on any topic given to me and at the end come up with a unique, well written and plagiarised-free article contents that are of very high standards. While doing this, I endeavor to strictly follow the instructions given for each article topic. I know how to put practical information in plain words, consumer friendly and in an engaging manner. I am popular for writing web contents that draw traffics for websites. I have also been recommended for meeting deadlines.

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